Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facility of Vihita Bio Chem is geared to manufacture and deliver high quality bulk Drug Intermediates, Specials Chemicals and Fine Chemicals.

The Facility consist of:

  • Glass Lined Jacketed reactor size ranging from 2000 L to 2500 L.
  • Stainless Steel Jacketed reactor size ranging from 2000 L to 5000 L.
  • HDPE reactor size ranging from 4500 L to 5000 L.
  • Product separation equipment like, High Temp-High Vacuum Distillation, Centrifuges, Filters etc.
  • Drying equipment like tray dryers, fluidized bed dryer etc.
  • Final treatment area-milling, sieving and packing.
The total plot area of Vihita Bio Chem is 3900 m2. Out of which the manufacturing facility comprise of 1800 m2.

The total Hydraulic of 1800 m2.

  • Friedel-Crafts reaction.
  • Oxidation reaction.
  • Methylation reaction.
  • De-methylation reaction.
  • Esterification reaction.
  • Hydrolysis reaction.
  • Darzen Condensation reaction.
  • Gabriel Synthesis reaction.