Quality Control Department

  • “Quality is never an accident it always results of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.”
  • According to us providing superior quality product to customer is the best kind of advertisement.
  • Our Quality Control laboratories identify and analyze each individual batch of any starting raw material received from our suppliers according to the in house specification and analytical methods defined. Further to the compliance of all analytical requirements. The raw material batch is released to be used in manufacturing process. In the same way, every intermediate stage of production of Vihita’s facility is tested according to relevant internal standards.
  • Our quality control staff applies the analytical methods and compare to specification. Both issued and approved by quality units. All analytical data are complied and detailed in logbooks. We keep these analytical files for 1 year and retention samples for 1 year.

Our quality control laboratory is equipped with following instruments analyze the raw material, intermediate stages and finished products:
  • H.P.L.C. (Make: Shimadzu)
  • Gas Chromatography (Make: Netel)
  • Gas Chromatography [Make:Thermofischer(Chemito 1000) ]
  • Potentiometer (Make : veego)
  • Melting Point Instrument (veego)
  • Muffle Furnace [Make: meta lab (Up to 1200 OC)]
  • Karl Fischer(Make:Veego)
  • Analytical weight balance (Make : Mettlertoledo)
  • Humidity Chamber (Make : Patel Scientific Instrument)
  • Hot Air Oven (Make : BSL)